Shanice Lam

Shanice Lam

Shanice Lam



West Work

Boston, MA


Shanice Lam has a particular interest  in sustainability and housing projects, integrating building science in all her design work. With a versatile skill set, she navigates between architectural design and energy design at West Work.

During her undergraduate studies, Shanice specialized in energy efficiency, building simulation-driven design, and low carbon footprint materials. In recent years, she has expanded her focus to include sustainability at the urban design level. This includes her involvement in Ecodistrict planning through community engagement processes, where she created projects aimed at improving air and water quality, food access, energy efficiency, mobility, and social equity. Because of her experiences, she is able to synthesize technical aspects, like building envelope details, with broader urban considerations.

Shanice has been recognized for several student awards including the Payette Prize in Building Science, David Lewis Community Engagement Design Scholarship, and Real Estate Research Grant  from Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Building Types

  • Healthcare
  • Residential: Affordable Multi Family
  • Residential: Multi-family


Payette Prize in Building Science, 2021