Baird Road - Senior Apartments


Baird Road - Senior Apartments

Residential: Multi-family

Perinton , NY | 2025

  • 76.3K GSF
  • 1 Company
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PathStone’s proposed Baird Road Apartments is a 76-unit apartment building for seniors as a part of a larger development in Perinton, NY. Using air source heat pumps, shared ERVs, shared heat-pump water heaters, and roof-mounted solar, the project is designed to be fossil fuel free. The project achieves Net-Zero energy through PHIUS+2018, and features health and wellness through Enterprise Green Communities 2020 and WELL Certification. Additionally, the project prioritizes the use of low carbon materials and emphasizes resiliency with the inclusion of battery storage for demand control and backup systems. The project achieves this with no up-front out-of-pocket costs to the developer, and superior long term financial benefits. SCI serving as the CPHC and PHIUS+ Verifier on the project and conducted all WUFI modeling to guide design decisions around all insulation and mechanical systems.

Project Owner

PathStone Corporation

Is the project achieving or targeting net zero energy?


Is the project Net Zero or Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero

Project Size in GSF


Category of height


Number of residential units


How is the building all-electric for heating?

Air-source Heat Pump

What other systems are used for heating?

Electric Resistance

Is the service hot water all-electric?


What is the primary system type for domestic hot water?

Air-source heat pump

On-site renewable energy


Is the owner purchasing off-site renewable energy to offset all electricity consumption?


Certifications related to Energy / Carbon


Site EUI

17.7 kBtu/sf/year

Net Site EUI

0.2 kBtu/sf/year

The EUI is


What is the climate zone for this project?

5A Cool Humid

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Project Team

Sustainability Consulting
  • Christopher Straile

    CPHC®, Phius Certified Verifier, HERS® Rater, Phius Certified Rater

    Phius Verifier

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