Clarendon Hill Redevelopment


Clarendon Hill Redevelopment

Residential: Affordable Multi Family

Somerville , MA | 2025

  • 497.5K GSF
  • 2 Companies
  • 1 Professional


This major housing redevelopment project will include 591 dwelling units and will meet Somerville's zoning requirement for all buildings over 50,000 SF to be LEED Platinum certifiable. The project consists of 216 replacement units for existing public housing on site, 16 units affordable to those with incomes at 80% AMI or less, 64 units affordable to those with incomes at 110% AMI or less, and 295 units (49%) market rate rental units. The development will include 3 LEED platinum apartment bldgs. that will also maximize electrification by using air source heat pump mini-splits for all units. The project will also include (92 units) 48,000SF of townhouses that will utilize electric air source heat pump mini-splits for heating and cooling.

Project Owner

Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), Somerville Community Corporation (SCC), Gate Residential, Somerville Housing Authority (SHA)

Is the project achieving or targeting net zero energy?


Is the project Net Zero or Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero Ready

Project Size in GSF


Category of height


How is the building all-electric for heating?

Air-source Heat Pump

Is the service hot water all-electric?


On-site renewable energy


Is the owner purchasing off-site renewable energy to offset all electricity consumption?


The construction cost difference from "conventional" to being net zero "ready" (including incentives) for this building is

>-1% to 1%

Site EUI

0.0 kBtu/sf/year

Net Site EUI

0.0 kBtu/sf/year

What is the climate zone for this project?

5A Cool Humid

Project Team

Sustainability Consulting