Mass Bay Comm College Health Sciences


Mass Bay Comm College Health Sciences

Education: Higher Ed

Framingham , MA | 2023

  • 70K GSF
  • 2 Companies
  • 2 Professionals


New 329,000 SF, 21-story building housing computer science labs, classrooms, office and collaboration space. The building is designed to achieve an EUI of 42 kBtu/sf*yr, which is 1/3 of the regional average for similar facilities.

To eliminate fossil fuel consumption on this urban site, the heat pump chillers are connected to a ground-source system with 1,500 foot deep closed-loop HPGX wells. Premium efficiency water cooled chillers will provide supplemental cooling for high load conditions. Air handling units with two energy recovery wheels bracketing the chilled water coils minimize heating and cooling demand.

Chilled beams driven by sensible fan coil units provide space conditioning. Triple-glazed curtainwall with fixed exterior shades eliminate the need for perimeter heat and reduce cooling loads. Due to the building’s height, renewable energy from off-site sources will achieve Class D NZE.

Is the project achieving or targeting net zero energy?


Is the project Net Zero or Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero Ready

Project Size in GSF


Category of height


Percent site energy savings


Percent site energy savings vs. stretch code baseline or vs. LEED baseline if stretch code not applicable.

How is the building all-electric for heating?

Ground-source Heat Pump

Is the service hot water all-electric?


On-site renewable energy


Is the owner purchasing off-site renewable energy to offset all electricity consumption?


The construction cost difference from "conventional" to being net zero "ready" (including incentives) for this building is

>-1% to 1%

Certifications related to Energy / Carbon


Site EUI

25.0 kBtu/sf/year

Net Site EUI

0.0 kBtu/sf/year

What is the climate zone for this project?

5A Cool Humid

Project Team

Energy Engineering
  • BR+A

    In Business Since 1975

    3.9M GSF

    14 Projects

    3 Professionals

  • Jacob Knowles

    Director of Sustainable Design

    3.9M GSF

    12 Projects

    24 Years Experience

  • Sasaki

    In Business Since 1953

    129.6K GSF

    3 Projects

Sustainability Consulting
  • Colleen Soden


    Sustainability PM

    1.8M GSF

    6 Projects

    26 Years Experience