Seaport Circle Lab


Seaport Circle Lab

Laboratory / Tech / Science

Boston , MA | 2025

  • 636K GSF
  • 3 Companies
  • 7 Professionals


The building program includes an incubator lab, located at the base of the main lab building, and community training labs, located within a stand-alone Pavilion. These spaces are designed to foster burgeoning companies as well as train underserved residents, and a future workforce who might not have a clear pathway into working within STEM industries. By partnering with three, mission-driven non-profits for the programming, workforce development and education, the project seeks to diversify the industry by intertwining architecture with social impact.

A major feature of the project is the approach to the design of the public realm. The landscape is designed as a series of interstitial spaces where people can meet and exchange ideas. At street level, the public spaces extend through the center of the project, providing direct pedestrian paths between the waterfront and a new Silver Line transit station. To better connect the surrounding neighborhoods to opportunities for advancement, this hub is anchored by a new transit station to replace an existing station stop. Designed as a seamless extension of the public realm and with space for last mile transportation options for commuters, tourists, and area residents, the new station will increase the utility and safety while leveraging the existing transit network.

Our approach to resiliency and sustainability is to seamlessly integrate it into the design of the building’s public realm. Measures have been taken to address storm surge and sea level rise throughout the project site by elevating all occupiable spaces and protecting critical infrastructure. Seaport Circle optimizes the outcomes for both the environment and people, providing a comprehensive strategy to achieve a high-performance building that meets the City of Boston’s Net Zero emissions goals and is ready for climate changes in the future.

Arrowstreet is Design Architect and Architect of Record (AoR) for the Life Science Building, with Moody Nolan as a partner.

Project Owner

Lincoln Property Company

Is the project achieving or targeting net zero energy?


Is the project Net Zero or Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero Ready

Project Size in GSF


Category of height


How is the building all-electric for heating?

Air-source Heat Pump

Is the service hot water all-electric?


What is the primary system type for domestic hot water?

Fossil-fuel fired

What other systems are used for hot water?

Air-source heat pump

On-site renewable energy


Is the owner purchasing off-site renewable energy to offset all electricity consumption?


The construction cost difference from "conventional" to being net zero "ready" (including incentives) for this building is

>-1% to 1%

Certifications related to Energy / Carbon


Site EUI

72.4 kBtu/sf/year

Net Site EUI

71.9 kBtu/sf/year

Carbon Emissions Intensity (CEI)


What is the climate zone for this project?

5A Cool Humid

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Sustainability Consulting
Energy Engineering