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DiMella Shaffer


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Art of Balance

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  • Lauren Gunther

    Lauren Gunther


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We believe good design exists in “The Art of Balance.” It is the critical piece to achieving the aspirational goals of our clients built out of team collaboration rather than individual successes. We take pride in finding and creating this balance in our process; it defines how we help our clients make the world more beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

Above all else, design is a human endeavor. Creating purposeful, sustainable environments requires a high degree of empathy and a knack for helping clients take creative risks. Our projects are fueled by a co-creation of ideas, experience, and expertise. And we welcome the challenge of finding new ways to balance the social, environmental, and aesthetic forces that shape our world. Clients benefit from this tenacity, a kind of restlessness that reflects both our high professional standards and our drive to explore different ideas.

A building or a space is a lasting expression of the unique relationship that develops between a client and a design firm. Our job is to foster an inclusive working process so that everyone involved – architects, interior designers, clients, and users – will embrace the outcome of that collective effort. Our achievements reflect the diversity of clients with whom we work, the varied talents that we as a firm possess and our integrity to push design intentions and outcomes.

Building Types

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  • Residential: Multi-family