69 North Montello Street (Phase 2)


69 North Montello Street (Phase 2)

Residential: Multi-family

Brockton , MA | 2026

  • 58.3K GSF
  • 1 Company


The N Montello Street project will be completed in two phases. Phase 2 is intended to be new construction of a 6-story, 41-unit, mixed use multifamily building that ties into Phase 1 with a connecter piece. West Work is offering design services and assisting the project team with determining the necessary steps to achieve a sustainable project and potentially applying for Passive House certification while balancing costs. West Work has completed a Passive House Feasibility study and will be guiding the team towards sustainable project goals. The project is utilizing Mass Save’s Passive House Incentive pathway funding to help offset the cost of energy modeling and analysis.

Is the project achieving or targeting net zero energy?


Is the project Net Zero or Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero Ready

Project Size in GSF


Category of height


Number of residential units


How is the building all-electric for heating?

Air-source Heat Pump

Is the service hot water all-electric?


What is the primary system type for domestic hot water?

Air-source heat pump

On-site renewable energy


Is the owner purchasing off-site renewable energy to offset all electricity consumption?


Site EUI

18.1 kBtu/sf/year

Net Site EUI

18.1 kBtu/sf/year

The EUI is


What is the climate zone for this project?

6B Cold Dry

Project Team

Sustainability Consulting
  • West Work

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  • West Work

    In Business Since 2020

    306.3K GSF

    9 Projects

    2 Professionals