Liz Hauver

Liz HauverShe/her


Architecture, Sustainability Consulting

Associate & Energy Design Lead

West Work

Boston, MA

  • 14K GSF
  • 1 Project
  • 8 Year Career


I strive to achieve radical reduction in operational and embodied carbon while remaining sensitive to budget, design, and community.

Liz is a certified passive house consultant, architectural designer, and Associate at West Work where she leads the Energy Design team. She is shepherding West Works continued commitment towards the AIA 2030 Challenge and shaping the company's sustainability action plan to stay on track. Her enthusiasm for building science extends beyond energy models and into the realm of green incentives, energy code, and habitat sensitivity. 

She has contributed her expertise in energy/carbon analysis for a wide variety of residential use types, workshops, and presentations. Many of the projects she's touched are mission driven with focuses around affordability, veteran, and formerly homeless housing. By folding sustainability goals into these missions we can secure a healthier and more equitable future for all. 


Building Types

  • Mixed Use
  • Residential: Affordable Multi Family
  • Residential: Multi-family
  • Education: Higher Ed
  • Lodging
  • Senior Living

Achieved Project Certifications



  • 31 Tufts Street

    Passive House Consultant

    Residential: Affordable Multi Family

    Somerville, MA | 2023

    14K GSF

    Net Zero Ready